GetMyYearbook - Ripped Off For $88 To Find My High School Yearbook

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In 2011, I paid $7.95 to join a website called, in an effort to find a copy of my high school yearbook. The company advertised that they search national yearbook databases, and that they would notify me when it is located.

This past October 2012, I was emailed by the company's contact Ron Bogdan, saying that he had located my yearbook. Mr. Bogdan advised me to send a check in the amount of $80.10 to him as soon as possible. He emphasized that time was of the essence, as yearbook inventories change by the day, and I might lose the yearbook to someone else.

A couple of other states have towns with the same name as mine. Before I sent my check, I asked Mr. Bogdan to confirm that the yearbook was indeed from my town and state. He advised me that he could not do that, and reiterated that I needed to send the money ASAP. He also stated that if I was sent the wrong yearbook, he would issue me a refund.

A month went by, and I did not receive the yearbook. I emailed Mr. Bogdan. He blamed Hurricane Sandy for the delay, and said he could not get in touch with his contact for the yearbook. Again, he mentioned that he would send me a refund.

2 more weeks went by. I emailed Mr. Bogdan once more, asking for a refund. He said his computer was not working, and to feel free to remind him again in a week.

A week later, I emailed again, please send me a refund. This time he was out of town, but again to feel free to remind him at the end of the week.

It's pretty obvious to me that Mr. Bogdan had no intention of ever giving me a refund. I was really looking forward to enjoying my high school memories, and now I have no yearbook, and I've lost $80.10, plus $7.95 for joining the website.




Wow!Same here!

I kept all of his emails and my replies. I recently reached out to him again just to see if he had forgotten about me. In a nutshell he has. This was a surprise Christmas present for my husband back in 2012.

I was extremely happy that I could do this for my husband after being told his yearbook had been located; only to be told later that the yearbook was lost in Hurricane Sandy!

Ron Bogdan did offer me a refund if I wanted to end my search. I did not ask for a refund since Ron Bogdan said he would still try to locate for me.

To this day, I have not heard back from him.

What a shame, waste of time and money.Scamming people for $80.10 surely adds up.

I've learned my lesson!

Extremely dissatisfied customer.


I too was ripped off by this scam , I was to almost to the word the very same thing . I'm thinking maybe the attorney general of his state may need to be notified since this is fraud and maybe a federal offense. bowler

Sarasota, Florida, United States #628396

I am the author of this review. This issue has finally been resolved by the company.

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